SOS, Bhubaneswar Sikhya-O-Sikhya, Bhubaneswar
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Profile Of Sikhya-O-Sikhya :

Sikhya-O-Sikhya is a non-profit making secular organization registered under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 vide Regd. No.KRD5716-755/93-94, dated 01/03/1994 and subsequently Registered under IGR Odisha vide Registered No. 22849/59 of 2008-2009,dated 17/07/2008. It is also registered under FC(R) Act. of 1976 vide FCRA No. 104830196 , dated 21/06/2006 by the Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India, and under Income Tax Act of 1961 under section 12A vide No. Regd. No.42/97-98 and also the approval U/S 80-G(5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act. 1961 vide Regd. No. F.No. CIT/ITO(Tech.)/80G-24/2013-14/11,394, date 31st March, 2014. During the tenure of 20 years of its existence, the organization has been working immensely and tirelessly for the up-liftment of rural poor, urban slum dwellers, un-employed youth and vulnerable sections of the society. It feels proud when the people who are actually in need, get some support &technical knowledge and above all the spirit to live life. The organization since its inception in the field of development has tried to address the basic issues of people or the society and have been successful in wining over the confidence of people.

Sikhya-O-Sikhya has taken sincere efforts in organizing LEE programme, organizing training programs and workshops on various socio-economic issues, panchayati raj, rural health, government welfare schemes, spreading awareness on different local and national issues etc at various Villages. Women organizations have been formed and the women are now actively involved in the development process.

The mission of Sikhya-O-Sikhya is to work for the socially deprived sections and the people who actually require professional assistance. Alleviation of poverty, elimination of illiteracy and un-employment eradication of diseases and above all the development of self reliance is the motto and vision of this organization. The unending endeavor to the development process is the hall mark of Sikhya-O-Sikhya .It aims at developing the potential and managerial skill of the people through training. Initially the organization sought the participation of the community in implementation of various development programs at the village level. In order to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the people regular training programs are organized.

Focus Area of the Organization :

Sikhya-O-Sikhya primarily believes in playing a role of facilitator and catalyst of various empowerment processes. It basically focuses on capacity building of communities and other local sectors in various development processes. Our areas of involvement basically focuses on building of sustainable livelihoods, community based health development, strengthening of local governance systems, policy advocacy and social action. Some of the major activities carried out includes vocational education and training, leadership development, enterprise promotion, awareness & programs on various health related issues, sensitization of PRI members, legal aid programs and health improvement efforts like immunization, health check-up, etc.

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