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It is not the dearth of jobs but skills that plague our youth when it comes to jobs. In a country that accords the highest importance to degrees, one often finds courses spanning years don't necessarily help you land into a job. Imagining the plight of the unfortunate who couldn't graduate out of top professional schools due to poverty, non-accessibility and similar reasons, this is where the vocational training centres, need based programmes, skill development trainings step in with the hope of upgrading the skills of unemployed youth and making them job-ready in a few months. There is no dearth of jobs but just dearth of unskilled people.

Established in 1994 Sikhya-O-Sikhya profiles a few such projects who are making difference in their own little ways. With over a billion populations comprising of lot of youngsters, we train dropouts and unskilled candidates to become Drivers, Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers, Tailors etc. The organization imparts classes through a combination of physical classes and virtual training in different centres. Rural mobilization, training youths and getting them gainful employment in a nutshell comprises the activities of Sikhya-O-Sikhya. We pride ourselves for delivering services in the need based spheres and as such our long-term aim is to skill one million people in the next decade.

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